Define “human-like” and “intelligence.”

Define “human-like” and “intelligence.”

Most of us imagine an army of human-like robots rebelling against humanity, while a few—folks from a more positive thinking community—are envisioning a bright future where AI serves them in all possible ways from walking a dog early in the morning when the weather is unpleasant to peeling tangerines at Christmas..
While the second scenario is certainly fun, it is a utopia per se. A reality with robots rising up against people, however, is a much more probable event.

When someone mentions “artificial intelligence” (AI), what is the first thing that comes to your mind …

Dr Zoe Johnston

Professionals are absorbed in discussions about how to define “human-like” and “intelligence.” These definitions may seem trivial to outsiders but understanding the human mind and intelligence are, in fact, critical to determining the timeline of milestones for AI. Integrating AI and realtime data management will see the development of the mosts sophisticated healthcare platform ever developed.

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